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College of law is one of the youngest academic units in DDU, established as faculty of law in 2001 E.C admitting 106 students in the regular program. Since its official establishment it has been operating with a broad mission of producing competent legal professionals, conducting legal research that solve societal problems and providing community service to the surrounding community and the nation at large. The college is currently targeting to meet the lofty missions of DDU.

Our college has a remarkable participation history in moot court competitions held both at national and international level. Last year we manage to organize a well-furnished moot court hall so that our students stimulate court proceedings as practicing professional on various cotemporary hypothetical cases. This will be a new impetus to further strengthen our effort of delivering quality education and produce competent and qualified legal professionals.
In the realm of research, instructors have been engaging in research thematic areas identified by the university. The college wants to call up interested partners to conduct joint and collaborative researches.

A spirit of community service infuses the college’s “Justice to the poor and learning by serving” dearly held motto. Established in 2003 E.C. the colleges legal aid center is an important avenue through which instructors and senior students provide pro bono legal service to vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in Dire Dawa and surrounding areas.

We are devoted to explore the rule of law, legal institution and their meaning in Ethiopia and having comparative insights as well. We believe that law cannot and should not be disengaged from real life challenges- society, history, culture, economy, and politics. Law has been formed and is being shaped through those forces and it should strive to shape them in order to promote and maintain justice and democracy as well as the overall socio-economic development of Ethiopia.

We are always seeking opportunities to develop ourselves and we are always in a dialogue on how to improve our capabilities to inspire and to be inspired, to make research and to teach the same.


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