Geology /Earth Science/Geosciences/ is the study of the Earth, which includes its interior and exterior processes, rocks, minerals, fossils, and all the surface processes that have shaped the landscape around us and continue to shape our lives today. It deals with economic and/or noneconomic minerals, rocks and its exploration and extraction process. It also deals about human natural needs like groundwater and human wants and supply like gems. Geology can also decipher us the energy input preference like water for hydroelectric power, geothermal energy and petroleum and/or coal for energy generation. Geology branches can be pure geology /geomorphology, crystallography, mineralogy, petrology etc/ an applied geology like hydrogeology, economic geology, mining geology, mineral exploration etc/. Now a day, geological science application got more and more acceptance not only in national level but also in global level.  In general speaking, geology is the science of nature/earth with the whole materials that the earth contains from crust up to the last limit depth of inner core

Geology department is one element of the departments under College of Natural and Computational Sciences.  It was established in 2020. The department had 2 geology instructors from its beginning and now it has two instructors in hydrogeology and geophysics specializations and other three MSc students.  Now, the department teaches geology for undergraduate students by regular session. 

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