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Journalism and communication
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Journalism and communication

About Us

The Department Journalism and Communication aims to provide students and/or trainees with a profound understanding of the science journalism and communication demands from numerous perspectives. The harmonized modular curriculum has been in use for the past seven years, despite the fact that there are problems with the order of the courses, the combine two special courses and the gaps in the frequency. According to the new policy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, it is decided to give a bachelor's degree in four years. Following this, the curriculum needs to be redesigned to address the above issues.

Graduate Profiles:

During the four years of their study students will be able to:

ü  Have high ethical and moral touch about their profession;

ü  Analyze, evaluate and synthesize range of options together with the ability to execute ideas and knowledge to various situations that they will work on;

ü  Develop the ability to argue logically, reason out critically and make correct judgments;

ü  Identify problems, analyze them within the framework of the cognitive knowledge built already and giving solution (problem solving capacity); 

ü  Grasp basic research methods in the scientific ways and the ability to conduct research individually or in group,

ü  Understand, use, evaluate and present numerical and statistical information in a variety of ways.

ü  Have an ample knowledge of universally accepted journalism ethics and know how to apply it appropriately to their task in media organizations.

ü  Understand and apply the principles and the law appropriate to journalistic practices

ü  Identify, prioritize and analyze problems related to media and provide feedbacks to the community and policy makers

Carrier Opportunities:

After completion of the program, the graduates are by and large expected to:

ü  Gather synthesis and report various news and other media related issues.

ü  Edit, direct and produce news, features, documentaries and radio and television programs  

ü  Consult different organization regarding media works and serve as a media advisors

ü  Manage the overall functions of media organizations

ü  Do public relations activities in governmental and nongovernmental organizations 

ü  Present and announce news, events and entertaining and promotional works

ü  Develop project proposals, and carry out media and communication research’s

ü  Work as correspondent and freelancer for both the national and international media outlets

ü  Teach journalism and communication courses in every higher educational institutions

ü  Work and serve as being a good public relation officer and practitioner in every media institutions and others

General information:

Degree nomenclature: Bachelor of Art in Journalism and Communication

Program type: regular

o   4 years degree

o   152 credits required

o   A minimum CGPA of 2.00 with no “F” required for graduation

o   Admission requirement is based on the criteria set by the department DDU and MoSHE

o   Medium of instruction for the program is English

o   Mode of delivery: parallel and block