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Journalism and communication
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Journalism and communication

Program Objectives

The program of journalism and communications aims at producing journalists and communication experts who are intellectually rigorous and critical of mind, who respect fundamental human rights, who are tolerant and respect diversities in society, who are committed to social justice in theory and practice and who are dedicated to integrity and high ethical standards, empowering them with knowledge, skills and attitude of media and communication in a multi-layered and multicultural world.

The specific objectives of the program are:

ü  To provide versatile and skillful journalists/communication experts who can vigilantly serve a society;

ü  To equip students/trainees in order to share the purpose of media literacy;

ü  To make students/trainees to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today's dynamic and competent world;

ü  To produce potential entrepreneurs who can manage and run media firms;

ü  To produce journalists with democratic outlooks, high ethical and moral standards that can contribute their own parts to the strengthening of the ongoing democratic processes within the country and beyond;

ü  To provide and enlarge opportunities for teaching at universities for both faculty and students;

ü  To give professional advice and consultancy services in  media and communication areas;

ü  To assist continuing education department in designing short-term trainings;

ü  To ensure the preparation of emerging scholars devoted to research in the analysis of contemporary  media and communication  issues locally, nationally and internationally