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Meazashwork Erget (PhD)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities - CSSH

College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH) is by far one of the largest colleges in Dire Dawa University. CSSH has walked a long distance since its inception, as of the inauguration time of Dire-Dawa University, and it attempted to walk like a toddler with few departments and staff members since 2007 (1999 E.C). The then faculty of social sciences and languages started its operation in four departments having 35 academic staff and 200 undergraduate students. With its time given experiences and opportunities, CSSH has flourished departments and advanced its programs. Accordingly, the college has constituted eleven departments offering undergraduate and graduate courses in regular, summer and extension programs. In addition to the four active graduate programs, our college is expanding the number of graduate programs and curriculum deployments are underway. The newly established first-degree programs are Journalism and Communication, Sociology and Civics and Ethical Education are believed to support the desired development of indigenous knowledge.

Of course, beyond the progress made in Teaching-Learning aspect, it is worth noting here that CSSH has been achieving remarkable progress in conducting researches and outreach activities. Hence, many studies that address different and contemporary societal problems/issues have been carried out. By the same token, the diversified and the invaluable community services that the college has taken part are also considered better achievements as well.

CSSH is working towards creating the necessary capable and professional man power in the fields of social sciences and humanities with the objectives given that of quality education, demand driven researches, and community services. Moreover, the college has an open access journal- Harla Journal of Social Behavioral Studies (HJSBS) which can be accessed via: http://journals.ddu.edu.et


Dire Dawa University aspires to be a premium choice in Ethiopia and among top ten applied universities in Africa by 2030.


To produce competent graduates, problem solving research and technology output and provide demand driven community engagement through fostering an international academic environment enriched with democratic values thereby supporting realization of the country’s vision.


Quality professionalism, equity, accountability, diversity, social responsibility, integrity and honesty, academic freedom, empowerment