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Alemayehu Zewdie (PhD)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities Message

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the three colleges established by the university in 1999 and is a major contributor to the development of the country in various fields of study. According to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in the current 2020/21 academic year, differentiate Public Universities into four categories. In its differentiation, our university is categorized under Applied Universities. In order to achieve this mission, our country is working to develop a competent and educated workforce by maintaining the quality of education and teaching in order to excel in political, economic and social affairs. Therefore, our college is working harder than ever to fulfill the mission given to the applied universities.

In addition to encouraging the participation of college scholars in the field of research, problem-solving studies are being conducted on the thematic area set by the college. It is also contributing to the development of community service by providing various types trainings to the community and stakeholders. The College will continue to strengthen these missions with the help of further research. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities will have continued to make significant contributions to the political, economic and social development of our country by studying the resources available to our university to achieve its vision in collaboration with other colleges in our university. 

The college is providing education having various undergraduate programs such as:

• Amharic Language and Literature

• English Language and Literature

• Afan Oromo and Literature

• Somali language and literature

• Geography and Environmental Studies

• History and Heritage Management

• Political Science and International Relations

• Psychology

• Journalism and Communication

• Civic and Ethical Studies

• Sociology and Social Anthropology 
The College is pursuing Master's Degree in different field of specialization as well. The programs are listed as follows.

From Geography and Environmental Studies: 

 Integrated Dry Land Management

 Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing

 River Basin Dynamics and Management

 Urban and Regional Development Planning From Amharic Language and Literature

 Teaching Amharic From English Language and Literature

 Teaching English as Foreign Language

College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH) is by far one of the largest colleges in Dire Dawa University. CSSH has walked a long distance since its inception, as of the inauguration time of Dire-Dawa University, and it attempted to walk like a toddler with few departments and staff members since 2007 (1999 E.C). The then faculty of social sciences and languages started its operation in four departments having 35 academic staff and 200 undergraduate students.