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Megersa Kasim Hussen (PhD)

Academic Affairs Vice President (AVP)

The Academic affairs Vice President has leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, supervising, monitoring, coordinating and reporting the teaching learning activities of the Dire Dawa University. AVP acts on-behalf of the president in the event the latter is absent from his duty. AVP also expects to advise, assist and support the president in the exercise of his responsibilities and Carries out such other activities which may be specifically entrusted to him by the Board, the Senate or the President. In assuming these responsibilities, AVP works closely with Academic Deans, Directors, and other administrators, and members of the University. 

Dire Dawa University (DDU)is one of the second generation public and autonomous Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ethiopia established in 2007 academic year by enrolling 754 regular students in three faculties (Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Social Science and language and Faculty of Business and Economics) in 13 different undergraduate academic programs with 90 teachers and 103 administrative support staff operating with limited facilities. Currently there are five colleges and 7 directorates under the AVP office.

Colleges under Academic affairs Vice presidents : 

  1. College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS),
  2. College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS),
  3. College of Business and Economics (CBE),
  4. College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) and
  5. College of Law(CL).

Directors under the academic vice presidents:

  1. Library and Information Service directorate
  2. Enrollment, Academic Record and Alumni directorate
  3. Quality Enhancement and Program offices
  4. Continuing and Distance Education Directorate
  5. Continuous professional development Directorate
  6. School of Graduate Studies (SGS )directorate
  7. Freshman program directorate.

Due to the decision by the government of Ethiopia to expand HEI's and huge investment in the sector, the university has assumed rapid growth both in its infrastructure, teaching-learning, and research facilities.  As a result the academic wing of the university is re-organized into five colleges and one institute where the smallest academic units are Departments and Schools comprising one or more study programs. Hence, it gives me great pleasure to provide you brief information as to the current status of DDU academic affairs.  

DDU offers training in 48 undergraduate, 47 postgraduate (master) programs in its regular, week-end, summer and distance education programs. Nowadays more than 20,000 students are currently enrolled in regular, summer and weekend schemes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The number of international students is growing rapidly. We currently have more than 150 international students. In addition to long term training , DDU academic affairs provides  short term capacity building training for health professions   in eastern Ethiopia under  continuous professional development  program. We have more than 800 academic staff who are actively engaged in teaching, research and community service activities.

Dire Dawa University differentiated as University of Applied Science by ministry of science and higher education with a focus area in Engineering and technology, Business and economics and Health science. Universities of applied science provide tertiary education and grant academic degrees at all levels (85% undergraduate, 15% graduate students, and sometimes professional and work-based doctorate degrees

University of applied science has a mission to train professionals with emphasis on labour market needs and conduct research which support and prompt regional development.

Megersa Kasim(PhD)

Academic Affairs Vice President

Telephone (Mob):+251993440333

Telephone (Office):+251127860

Email Adress:megekasim@gmail.com

Directorates under V/President

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Library and Information Service directorate
  • mekdesgetachew2015@gmail.com
  • 920853202
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Enrollment, Academic Record and Alumni directorate
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Quality Enhancement and Program Directorate
  • danymar.m4@gmail.com
  • +251911342944
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School of Graduate Studies (SGS )directorate
  • tkelbessa8@gmail.com
  • +2519-11-58-35-15
  • https://www.ddu.edu.et
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Continuous professional development Directorate
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Freshman Program Directorate (FPD)
  • gizepa77@gmail.com
  • +251-913-25-56-24