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Mohammadzen Hasan (Ph.D.)

Construction Project Office

The office is currently working on a number of construction projects to develop the University’s infrastructure, systems and services and fulfill its vision with the collaboration of all university staff’s and stockholders. 


Ø  Supervising and controlling the designs of buildings, construction and maintenance of different buildings, infrastructures and master plan to meet the university objectives;

Ø  Ensuring the university new construction projects are performed as required; timely, with sated quality standards and equivalent cost;

Ø  Facilitating all the constructions undertaking in the university and nearby, to be convenient for community of the University to facilitate teaching-learning process and research activities.


§  Quality

§  Professionalism

§  Equity

§  Diversity

§  Social responsibility

§  Accountability

Major ongoing Projects

§  Dire Dawa Referral Hospital Construction

§  Staff residence, communal daycare and site work Construction

§  Construction of Library

§  Maintenance of Offices, Dormitories, Library and Classrooms

§  Construction of Water Supply System

§  Retaining Wall and Earthwork Construction