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Mr. Lamesgin Ayele

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate

Based on the BPR structure the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation directorate were organized under office of the president. There are two main teams operating under the directorate. These are Planning, monitoring and evaluation team and data collecting, organizing and analyzing team.

The main responsibility of the Directorate is to provide support to the university management in the key areas of strategy development, planning, monitoring and Evaluation by focusing on the entire universality’s activity. Besides the planning and reporting, the directorate also undertake the Monitoring and Evaluation activities as its core responsibility.

 Main Duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

ü  Support all working units in the achievement of the University vision as well accomplish the mission, guide them towards the same goal and allocate budget among the sectors.

ü  Design the University strategic and Operational plans.

ü  Provide relevant data for the preparation strategic plan, lead the preparation of strategic plan and present the plan for approval.

ü  Creates awareness to leaders at all level and staffs on the cascading and implementation of the approved plan.

ü  Collect, analyze and present data and information relevant to the performance and help in decision making

ü  Ensure the alignment of operational plan of all working unit with University plan.

ü  Coordinate the implementations of the university’s strategic plan; developing the overall planning framework and supporting other’s strategic plans.

ü  Prepare the medium term (three years), annual, and quarterly budget plans of the university and accomplishment reports according to program budget and make sure that budget is aligned with physical activities in operational plan.

ü  Distributes Budgets among different sectors assure that budget and resource distribution is based the key priorities of strategic objectives.

ü  Prepares the plan implementation frameworks as well as strategies. Develop a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.

ü  Compile, analyze and present quarterly overall performance reports of the university and submit to the management and concerned stakeholders. Make sure that all implementing bodies are acting/performing according the strategic objectives of the University.

ü  Compile overall performance report, presents and submit to the management and concerned stakeholders

ü  Monitor, support, and evaluate the working units regarding the implementation of the plan. Ensure efficient utilization of the university’s resources.

ü  Assist the university management in policy implementations, strategic planning and Monitoring and Evaluation