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Mr. Lamesgin Ayele

Strategic Affairs Executive

Based on the new re-organization of Dire Dawa University’s structure, planning, monitoring and evaluation directorate is re-arranged as Strategic Affairs executive. The office of Strategic affairs reports to the office of the president.

The office is in charge of providing support to the University management in the areas of planning, strategy development, monitoring and evaluation of all rounded University activities.

Main Duties and responsibilities of the office

·         Initiates the preparation of long-term and short-term plans.

·         Collects and analyzes data pertinent to the preparation of strategic plan and annual plan.

·         Develops strategic plan of the University adhering to the University’s vision & mission and present the plan for approval and develops budget plans accordingly.

·         Assists the University management in aligning the University’s plan to national plans and policy directions.

·         Supports all working units in developing long-term and short-term plans that align the university’s strategic plan and annual plan.

·         Initiates and conduct stakeholders’ satisfaction survey.

·         Creates awareness to leaders at all level and staffs on the cascading and implementation of the approved plan.

·         Collects, analyzes and presents data relevant to the preparation of the University’s plan.

·         Ensures the alignment of operational plan of all working unit with University’s plan and budget.

·         Initiates capacity building training in the areas of planning, report preparation, and leadership.

·         Coordinates the implementation of the University’s plan.

·         Prepares the plan implementation frameworks as well as strategies. Develop a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.

·         Compiles, analyzes and presents quarterly overall performance reports of the University, present to the University management and submit to concerned stakeholders.

·         Compiles overall performance reports, present to the University management & submit to the concerned stakeholders.

·         Monitors, supports, and evaluates the working units regarding the implementation of the plan. Ensure efficient utilization of the University’s resources aligning to plans.