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DDU Student President

DDU was first established by the Student Council before the Dire Dawa University Students' Union was established in 1999. However, due to the wide range of areas that need intervention, counseling services are inadequate and limited to DDU. The council later changed to DDU. It was established and continued in accordance with its own constitution. The Constitution, which establishes and defines the powers and structure of the DDU, was enacted in July 1999.

As a result, it has since undergone various socio-cultural and economic changes in the districts. It received a wider range than the original formation. So far, he has had great success from start to finish. Now, one day, DDU is still working hard to achieve great success in the field of action.

The association is an independent, non-political and completely secular association founded and run by students. The main objective of the union is to promote the academic and social rights of Dire Dawa University. Students enrolled in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the regular program.


To ensure that the best interests of students in academia and services are met to the desired quality and safe.

Monitor students 'every move and every move, find solutions to students' problems, address unresolved issues.

Ensuring that the mission of the university is achieved with the participation of students in all the basic activities of the university.


Eliminate the reasons for the declining unity of diversity, see students with a culture of peace, love, and unity, find lasting solutions to the country's deep-rooted problems, and see developed countries compete with developed countries.

DDU Objectives

Solving students' academic, social, and economic problems Ensure the quality of student services. Always monitor the teaching and learning process Serve as a bridge with the university administration. Achieve the university's mission by standing by the university. Competing our university with universities in Ethiopia and internationally. Raising students is a priority everywhere and at any time. Ask for student participation in administration decisions Create an environment where student unity is strengthened and strengthened. Create an environment where you can truly understand each other. To see the impact of our historic unjust relationship and to bring about a fair relationship. Organize a variety of student events