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Yitagesu Sintayehu (Ass. Professor)

Research Affairs Directorate Office

As the Research Affairs Director (RAD), I wish to thank you for your interest in the office.  The goal of RAD is to provide the university researchers with access to state of the scientific expertise for the communal advantage of our institution’s investigators so that they can effectively carry out the research vision of the university. 

The directorate has prepared research thematic areas, which are highly guided by policy concerns, recurrent problems of people in university catchment area, by individual faculty members’ research interests and projects by sponsors. While individual scholars would continue to have the freedom to choose topics for research, there is a need to expand the frontiers of knowledge in order to keep with the emerging challenges.

This vision, despite its challenge, can be achieved by strengthening the present areas of research, diversifying the research focus of the university, mobilizing resources and enhancing our researchers’ capacity with the changes in research paradigms, technologies, emerging trends of the world of research, the intellectual atmosphere of openness to ideas and plurality of perspective. Within the spirit of interdisciplinary, collaborations with university faculty and international visiting fellows, we believe we will be realizing the overarching vision of the university to be a competitive applied research university. In the process of doing so, thanks to the current vibrant academic staff of our university and we have excellent support from the vice president of research and community service and president of our university.

I look forward to your continued involvement in the activities of the directorate as we move steadily into the future.

Major thematic areas the office research

1.      Human, Animal and Environmental Health (001)

2.      Culture, Tourism Governance and Social Development (002)

3.      Legal, Policy and Institutional Frame works (003)

4.      Manufacturing, Service and Processing Technologies (004)

5.      Quality Education (005)

6.     Urban Agriculture and Development (006)

7.     Finance, Logistics and Sustainable Economic Development (007)

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