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College of Social Science and Humanity

The main goal of the college is to produce highly qualified and competent graduates, providing quality education, demand driven innovative researches and community services, training, and consultancy.

The college strives to the address the following specific objectives:

Ø  to produce competent graduates in social science and humanities fields;

Ø  to produce demand driven innovative researches in the arena of social sciences, humanities, language studies, and journalism and communication;

Ø  to conduct researches on local cultures, languages and indigenous knowledge,

Ø  to address problem solving community services, trainings, consultancies;

Ø  to develop democratic attitude to foster socio-cultural, economic and political transformation of the nation;

Ø  fostering multidisciplinary research culture in the college;

Ø  promote an understanding of contemporary career options for college graduates and the qualities students need to achieve their career and life goals;

Ø  Support excellence in education through a diverse, dynamic, and personalized academic environment that emphasizes engaged learning; and,

Ø  Equip graduate and undergraduate students to cultivate personal integrity and respect for diverse values.