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College/Institution:  CMHS

Department/School/Center:  Department of Anesthesia

Program title: National harmonized competency-based curriculum for generic Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia ‘Bachelor Science degree in Anesthesia’.

Program duration (in years): 4.5 Years for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent Volume (ECTS):  328 ECTS

Mode of delivery: Regular

Admission requirements:

·            Admissions to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education

·            Have natural science background.

·            Physically fit

Level of Qualification:

According to the Ethiopian National Qualification Framework (ENQF), the level designated for this qualification will be Bachelor Science degree in Anesthesia.

Degree Nomenclature:

Upon completion of the five years program, the graduate will be awarded the degree of ‘Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia’ and in Amharic የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ በአንስቴዝያ


The competency framework includes 11 competencies

1. Assess, optimize and prepare patients for surgery and anesthesia

2. Utilize anesthesia machine, equipment, supply, and monitoring devices properly

3. Manage patients’ airways using different modalities

4. Provide safe intraoperative anesthetic management for patients

5. Provide safe postoperative anesthetic care

6. Manage pain for different patient groups

7. Engage in pre-hospital, emergency, and critical care services

8. Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) effectively

9. Apply ethical and legal principles in anesthesia practice

10. Participate in scientific evidence generation and utilization

11. Manage anesthesia service in a health facility


Upon completion of the training, the graduates will be able to:

1. Perform comprehensive pre-anesthetic patient assessment by taking relevant history and performing a physical examination

2. Order and interpret relevant laboratory and diagnostic investigations

3. Determine the clinical status of a patient

4. Prepare and optimize patients for surgery and anesthesia

5. Manage medical gas sources/ supplies according to acceptable practice standards and protocols

6. Prepare and utilize anesthesia machines, airway, and other ancillary equipment safely

7. Apply and utilize standard patient monitoring

8. Apply standard safety measures to manage perioperative hazards

9. Manage patient airways using different modalities

10. Manage anesthesia for different general and urologic surgical procedures

11. Manage anesthesia for obstetrics and gynecologic surgeries

12. Manage anesthesia for trauma and orthopedic surgeries

13. Manage anesthesia for geriatric patients undergoing surgeries

14. Manage anesthesia for pediatric and neonatal surgeries

15. Manage anesthesia for emergency thoracic surgeries

16. Manage anesthesia for ophthalmic surgeries

17. Manage anesthesia for maxillofacial and ENT surgeries

18. Manage anesthesia for neurosurgeries

19. Manage remote anesthesia

20. Provide postoperative care to a surgical patient

21. Engage in the patient discharge process from PACU

22. Assess and manage acute pain

23. Participate in the management of chronic and cancer pain

24. Perform different regional blocks for pain management service

25. Engage in the initial assessment and stabilization of critically ill patients

26. Engage in the clinical management of patients during intra-/ inter-hospital transfer

27. Assess emergency and critically ill patients who need immediate attention

28. Engage in the management of emergency and critically ill patients

29. Perform effective Basic and Advanced Life Support (BLS and ALS)

30. Demonstrate professionalism in anesthesia practice

31. Engage in the conduct of research relevant to surgical servi

32. Apply the principles of evidence-based practice

33. Conduct a clinical audit and need assessment

34. Maintain adequate stock levels of consumable anesthesia items

35. Provide orientations and training to multidisciplinary team members on relevant topics

36. Develop, implement and monitor the overall anesthesia service plan in a facility

37. Adapt and implement a quality improvement and assurance framework for quality anesthesia service delivery.

Graduation requirement

Graduation requirements will be according to each university’s rules and regulations. However, a student enrolled in the BSc anesthesia program is eligible for graduation if and only if he/she has taken all the required modules for the program and obtained a minimum CGPA of 2. Students should be able to pass the qualification exam of the school (both theory and practice) and complete all the internship rotations before graduation.

  • Has not scored ‘F’ grade in any module, and should not score ‘D’ grade in any professional (core) module.
  • Has carried out a student research project on a selected and agreed topic of research problem and scored a minimum of ‘C’ grade in his/her thesis report.
  • Present approved and signed log/performance book with a minimum of 250 cases of which the graduate:

Ø  Performs pre-anesthetic assessment for 250 clients

Ø  Performs 200 major general anesthesia procedures with tracheal intubations

Ø  Performs of 20 LMA insertions

Ø  Delivers Anesthesia for 50 Obstetrics clients

Ø  Handles 30 emergency cases requiring Anesthesia

Ø  Attended 15 pediatrics &/ or neonatal anesthesia

Ø  Provided sedation (analgesia) without intubation for 20 cases

Ø  Performs a minimum of 50 regional blocks (caudal, spinal, abdominal field blocks and peripheral nerve blocks, etc.)

Ø  Performs 50 intravenous cannulation

  • Produce thesis

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