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  • Amelmasin Faris
  • Head of Anesthesia
  • +251917509182
  • Amanhoney9182@gmail.com

Amelmasin Faris

Head of Anesthesia

"I welcome you to the Department of Anesthesia at Dire Dawa University, located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia."  

 The Department is committed to providing quality education, conducting research, and delivering community services, all of which align with the fundamental principles, goals, and aspirations of universities (DDU). With a team of experienced faculty and staff members, we are committed to nurturing students' talent and equipping them with the knowledge, attitude, skills, and critical thinking required to excel in the field of anesthesia. Our core mission is to produce competent anesthesia professionals and have a positive impact on Ethiopia’s healthcare demand and outcome (the well-being of our society). Our department also takes great pride in committing to community services. We actively participate in outreach programs and initiatives that benefit the community. Staffs are highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to contributing to the overall well-being of our community through various healthcare services.

We are grateful for your visit to our website and interest in our department. If you are planning to study anesthesia (Bachelor of Science degree in anesthesia) with the aim of achieving a successful career and clinical skills, kindly contact the department for further information.

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  • Zerihun Tariku Abera
  • 0910023998
  • zerihun.tariku@ddu.edu.et

Zerihun Tariku Abera


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  • Netsanet Melkamu
  • 251919130440
  • Netsanet10000@gmail.com

Netsanet Melkamu

Nursing Department Head