The Department of Biology is one of the active departments under the College of Natural and Computational Sciences offering different courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Currently, the department is teaching 977 summer and regular students in undergraduate and summer postgraduate levels. To enhance the teaching learning process and provide up to level research and community services, the department has 30 full time teachers and 6 technical assistants. In 2013 E.C the department is working hard to launch postgraduate programs in Applied Microbiology, Botanical Sciences, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Urban agroEcology at M.Sc level and new undergraduate program in Biotechnology.

The Department of Biology has been strongly striving to improve the teach-learning processes via the recently refined and need-based curricula through student-centered learning process. We have several staff based researches at our department level where most of them are completed. The department has well-equipped  laboratory facilities and trained technicians which have the ability to conduct scientific researches in various biological disciplines, provide special trainings to the community, provide consultancy services to various sectors related to biological science/environment/industries/health, etc. The Department is ready and committed to provide various consultancy services using its highly qualified academic staff to different sectors including Industries, sector offices, and teaching institutions. We are also planning and working hard to provide special training on several Biological applications.

Programs in Biology Department

A. Undergraduate programs

1. Bachelor of Science degree in Biology

2. Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology (Curriculum Development in progress)

B. Postgraduate programs

Curriculum development is underway for Masters of Science in Applied Microbiology, Botanical Sciences, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Urban agroEcology.

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