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Rodas Ezezew (PhD)

Welcome to College of Natural and Computational Sciences webpage.  The college has got the current name, College of Natural and Computational Sciences after it has evolved through a series of expansions and re-organizations to discharge quality of education and services to the community.  College faculties are working in harmony towards the achievement of the set vision and missions of the college. The college aspires to be the best higher learning institution by producing competent graduates who can bring a difference by engaging themselves in prior agenda of the country (poverty reduction).

Currently, under the college seven departments namely: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science and Statistics are included.  These departments train students in undergraduate and postgraduate levels in regular as well as summer programs.  The college has already launched masters’ programs in 26 areas of specialization. Thus, the college welcomes the alumni and all interested applicants to join us and benefit from these needy programs. For the successful synchronized delivery of both theoretical and practical training, the college has organized more than twelve laboratories, seven computer laboratories with internet connections for in addition to the wireless service accessible across the campus. The university library is open 24 hours for service.

Our staffs are also actively engaging in mega research, and community service projects. Research and community service activities are coordinated by coordinators who permanent own the coordinating Offices. Through these Offices, our college identifies thematic areas which are given priority of project development at local, regional and national level. Proposals focused on these thematic areas and government development policy direction is implemented to serve the community. 

You, our customers and partners, are welcome with your constructive comments and feedbacks. Those interested for detail information are pleased to refer the details given under different sections of the college including Departments and Coordinating Offices. Now DDU is being transformed to applied university that can offer high-level professional and practical degrees different from what has so far been provided by comprehensive universities. I will expect to provide more choices to students who seek a study path based closely upon their interests, skills and career plan.