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DDU Student Service

1. Dining Services:

Dire-dawa University Director for Student Services currently features over five dining halls eager to serve you. In Ethiopian standard our meals are all-you-care-to-eat. Our concern is to make every dining experience a delicious and nutritious one. We take great care to plan menus that offer variety every day of the week. To see where all our dining locations are around in the campus.

2. Dormitory Services:

The quality of your living-learning environment plays an important part in your University competence. Our dormitories are a place where you live in a community that values friendship and academic success. In planning and operating our dormitories, we want to meet your needs in every way possible. We believe that life in dormitory offers by far more than a roof over your head! This is because there are internet labs and lounges around your dormitory which works 16 hours a day.

However, an understanding of and respect for the rights of others is of utmost importance in making dormitory life successful. Hence, your cooperation and participation is helpful for the success of your dormitory life. Above all, the staff is here to help you with challenges associated with university life.

3. Health Services:

Being in good health is one of the basic prerequisite for good academic performance.  Thus, we strive to provide the best care possible through our professionals in a manner that is welcoming and respectful of everyone. The Student Clinic offers many services, including:

    • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
    • Routine health care provision
    • Adolescent and youth reproductive Health Service
    •  STI management
    • RH counseling Service
    • VCT
    • FP
    • Emergency Contraceptive
    • Oral Contraceptive
    • Inject able Contraceptive
    • Condom Distribution

    Moreover, for referral cases we have an agreement with Dire-dawa Dil-chora referal Hospital, Sabiyan General Hospital at the cost of the University. We hope that your stay at Dire-Dawa University will be healthy and enjoyable, but just in case you have any health-related queries, do not hesitate to visit student clinic.

    Financial and Cost sharing Services
    When you decide to study at university you will be making an investment in your future. The Student Finance and cost sharing office is here to help you to access all the information you will need with regard to dining and dormitory services.

    5. Disability Support

    If you have a particular learning difficulty that may negatively impact upon your learning experience at Dire-Dawa University, it is quite helpful if you consult us so as we provide support in all our areas of the services. Some rooms have been reserved specifically for students with special needs. If you have special needs due to a disability, you should indicate them clearly in your application form and report in person so that we can allocate the most appropriate room available.