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Kedir Usmael Abdella(MD)

Continuous professional development Directorate

Dire Dawa University established CPD center in 2017which was functioning as in-service training center. In 2020, the center was recognized by ministry of health as CPD accreditor and CPD provider. Currently, the center is serving as CPD Course accreditor, CPD provider accreditor and CPD activity provider (training, workshop, review meeting, etc.)   

Organizational Structure of CPD center

Dire Dawa CPD center currently have one director, one admin assistant/ secretory, one IT officer and six panel of experts/committees from different professions. The director is responsible for academic affair Vice-president. DDU CPD center run two activities under its office these are CPD accreditor activity/function and CPD provider activity/function.

1.1 Responsibility of CPD accreditor unit

1.      CPD provider accreditation

2.      CPD Course accreditation

3.      Credit allocation

4.      Granting recognition for CPD activities

5.      Evaluation and monitoring of CPD provider

6.      Evaluation and monitoring of quality of CPD course

Accreditation process and payment method

Accreditor committee meet within two weeks after application received.

The accreditor committee will run if more than 50% of the member present but profession specific member of the applied professional category is mandatory to attend the meeting and involve in decision making.

In case profession expert member cannot attend the meeting or in conflict of interest, the committee can invite expert who is not member of committee and may be from different origination.

The director may also invite experts when the applied case is complex in the presence of profession representative member. The invited expert should be free from conflict of interest and should not be participated in development of the applied project.

The accreditor committee will review the applied CPD course and check its compliance with CPD guideline, approve, ask for necessary modification or reject the course during the first meeting or hold second meeting to do so if they needed time for revision of complex case and or if the expert needed. Final decision must be passed within 1 month of application.

In case of complex case in which the accreditor committee cannot pass decision of approval or rejection of CPD course within one month, the accreditor committee will forward the case to CPD committee of the ministry of health for decision making.

If the course is approved, the accreditor will forward the accredited course with all required documents to the federal ministry of health for course coding and uploading on website.

The proposed payment for accreditation of course depends on time it took to review and discuss as well as number of members participated in the process and the need to invite external expert.

In short the payment will be given as per diem based on the university work overload payment, accordingly payment for individual member is calculated by salary scale and duration in hours and total payment is the sum of individual member payments.

External expert if invited from other organizations will be given professional fee. 

1)      Conduct training

2)      Prepare CPD courses /documents

3)      Organize workshop

4)      Hosts review meeting

5)      Creates awareness about the program .

6)      Do training need assessment

7)      Deliver CPD course online

8)      Store data base of CPD activities participants (trainee, trainers, researchers , workshop participants ,review meeting participants ..etc.)

9)      Give certificate for  CPD activities participants (trainee, trainers, researchers , workshop participants ,review meeting participants ..etc.)

10)  Write grant proposal

11)  Search grants for CPD activities

12)  Prepare CPD annual plan

Currently active CPD activities      

1.      Pain management and palliative care training (funded by MOH )

2.      Health care finance training(Funded by USAID)

3.      Dagu system training (Funded by Dire Dawa Admistration health bureau  )

4.      CRC training (funded by ministry of health )

5.      CPD course manual  preparation (funded by Dire Dawa Admistration health bureau  )

6.      CPD training need assessment in eastern Ethiopia (funded by Dire Dawa University)


   Dire dawa university CPD center would like to invite those who want to conduct CPD activies in eastern Ethiopia to work with us


Dire dawa is the gate way to eastern Ethiopia From the center due to availability of transportation (four to six flights a day to and from addis ababa  and land transport including train),availability of standardized hotel in the city

Quality of our service

Contact address

Email.: cpd@ddu.edu.et

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