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Melaku Masresha (PhD)

Institutional Transformation and Good Governance Directorate.

Welcome to the Dire Dawa University Office of Institutional Transformation and Good Governance web page. Here, we share valuable insights into our transformative journey, outlining our vision, mission, and the comprehensive agenda we have set forth to become a distinguished University of Applied Sciences.

I. Institutional Transformation Agenda of DDU

1. University Mission Reform (Differentiation)

 At Dire Dawa University, we believe in evolving with the changing landscape of education. Our mission reform focuses on aligning our purpose with contemporary needs, emphasizing practical applications of knowledge, and fostering a culture of innovation and research.

2. University Exit Exam

To ensure the academic excellence of our graduates, Dire Dawa University has introduced a robust exit exam system. This assessment evaluates the comprehensive understanding of students, preparing them for the challenges of their respective fields and ensuring that they are well-equipped for the professional world.

3. University Freedom Reform

 Our commitment to academic freedom is unwavering. The University Freedom Reform seeks to create an environment that encourages open dialogue, diverse perspectives, and intellectual curiosity. We believe that freedom is the cornerstone of a vibrant academic community.

4. Digital Knowledge Reform

  Embracing the digital era, Dire Dawa University is dedicated to fostering digital literacy and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into our educational practices. The Digital Knowledge Reform aims to equip students and faculty with the skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

5. University Service Reform

   We are dedicated to providing exceptional services to our students, faculty, and the broader community. The University Service Reform focuses on enhancing the quality and efficiency of our services, creating an environment where everyone can excel and achieve their goals.

6. Programs and Curriculum Reform

   Our commitment to excellence extends to the programs and curriculum we offer. Through continuous evaluation and improvement, we aim to provide relevant, industry-aligned education that prepares our students for success in their chosen fields.


7. Structural Organization of Higher Education Institutions

 The structural organization reform is geared towards creating a dynamic and responsive administrative framework. This ensures efficient decision-making processes, clear communication channels, and effective collaboration among different units within the university.

                    II. Dire Dawa University's Good Governance Agendas

1. Establishing a Continuous Good Management Development System

   We recognize the importance of good management in achieving our goals. To this end, we are establishing a continuous development system that adheres to the principles of good governance. This includes training programs, mentorship initiatives, and ongoing assessments to enhance managerial skills.

2. Building an Effective Government Service Delivery System

Our commitment to good governance extends to the delivery of services. By building an effective government service delivery system, we aim to ensure that our stakeholders experience seamless and efficient services. This involves streamlining processes, leveraging technology, and maintaining a focus on transparency and accountability.

At Dire Dawa University, we are on a transformative journey, guided by the principles of excellence, innovation, and good governance. Join us in shaping the future of education and creating a positive impact on society.