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Ubah Adem (Ph.D)

Dire Dawa University President

The Office of the President at Dire-Dawa University (DDU) is run by a head where his/her major task is overseeing the activities of the various directorates and offices accountable to DDU President. The Head is responsible to organize and facilitate university-wide general meetings and events including board meetings of DDU and annual graduation ceremonies.  

Besides, liaising between DDU and external organizations and institutes, and acting as a spokesperson representing DDU in an official of capacity, working closely with the four Vice presidents' for the success of DDU Mission and Vision are some among other core responsibilities and duties of the Office of the President.  

As an office entrusted to monitor the day-to-day administrative issues and activities on behalf of the President of DDU, it works closely with different directorates and offices to ensure the effective implementation of annual plans together with an evaluation of their performance periodically.

Offices and directorates accountable to the office of the President include: 

Planning and Institutional Transformation Directorate

Legal Service Directorate

Audit Directorate

Finance and Budget Directorate

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Coordination Office

Women, Children, Youth and HIV/AIDS Directorate

Office of External Relations and Communications (OERC)

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate

Institute of Policy and Development Studies

Vice Presidents

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Research and Technology Transfer V/President
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Administration and Development V/President
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Academic Affairs Vice President (AVP)