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Dachasa Ganfure

International and Public Relations Directorate

External communication comprises the Web site, outreach with key constituencies and
audiences, and all publications designed considering external audiences.


Internal communication is the framework for the expression of a corporate culture. It is also a
determining factor in the quality of external communication. Effective internal communication helps create a common understanding among staff about management priorities and corporate issues. Effective two-way horizontal and vertical communication contributes to corporate effectiveness-by efficiently bringing knowledge to problem-solving situations. Effective management-led internal communication strengthens teamwork and trust.

Online Films and Documentaries (Web-Streaming and Television): Greater use will be made of these communication products, particularly to develop success stories for wide distribution. Films and documentaries will later be put on DVDs and CDs, or converted into web streaming and web casting materials to be posted on the Web site. In some cases, the material can be used directly by TVnetworks.


With the opening of country offices, much greater use will be made of radio, including in local languages, which is the largest mass medium of communication in Dire Dawa.  

Radio can also play a key role in communication, particularly large scale projects, to engage and inform local populations that may benefit from or be affected by them.


Publications will continue to be a key element of the DDU communication program. In line with its information disclosure policy, all publications will be available in Public Information Centers (PICs) that will be opened in university academic & administration offices.

The public will have access to documents & the nternet at the PICs, as it is the case currently. The institution’s publications will include:


Are low cost, accessible, and easy to distribute;  


A magazine is developed, in collaboration with the office of the academic, research and community service & administration offices which will focus on university mission.


The university will continue to make use of the existing media tools, including effective contact network of influential journalists, preparation and placement of camera and editorials, press conferences and briefings, and-photo exhibitions. The-use of media will be strengthened mostly by its integration with a communication strategy.