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University of Djibouti has Offered MSc Scholarships for 10 DDU Graduate

University of Djibouti has Offered MSc Scholarships for 10 (Ten) Graduates of Dire-Dawa University.


Dire-Dawa University and University of Djibouti signed memorandum of understanding to collaborate in academic and research areas in February, 2021G.C. The two Universities have been working to materialize the agreement made and University of Djibouti has offered ten scholarships for graduates of Dire-Dawa University from school of Civil and Architecture and school of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The 10 (Ten) awardees were selected among 39 (Thirty Nine) candidates that were taken entrance examination. The beneficiaries will pursue their studies in Africa Center of Excellence for Logistics and Transport that is hosted by University of Djibouti. Five of them will join Master’s program in Civil Engineering while the other will be undertaking Master degree in Electrical and Energy Engineering.

Dire-Dawa University would like to congratulate all the awardees and wish them the every success.

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