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Mohammadzen Hasan ( PhD )

Construction Project Management office Directorate

Dire Dawa University Construction Project Office was established to own and administer the

university construction projects under the direction given by FDRE Ministry of Education in 2013.

The office is currently leading on a number of construction projects to develop the University’s infrastructures, facilities and services and fulfill its vision to be a premium choice in Ethiopia and among the top ten Applied Science Universities in Africa with the collaboration of all the university staff’s and stakeholders.


 Supervising and controlling the designs of buildings, infrastructures and master plan prepared by the consultants to meet the university objectives;

 Ensuring the university new construction projects are performed; timely, with required quality and equivalent cost;

 Facilitating all the constructions undertaking in the university, to be convenient for teachers and students, in teaching and research activities.


 Quality

 Professionalism

 Integrity and Honesty

 Equity

 Diversity

 Social responsibility

 Accountability

Major ongoing Projects

 Dire Dawa Referral Hospital Construction

 Staff residence, communal daycare and site work Construction

 Construction of Library

 Maintenance of Offices, Dormitories, Library and Classrooms

 Construction of Water Supply System

 Retaining Wall and Earthwork Construction

 Landscape project design Upcoming Projects

 Design of Multi-purpose Hall

 Design of Post Graduate Complex Building

 Maintenance of 11 Buildings Project

 Finalizing of the G+5 Administrative Building Project

 Construction of Fence and Retaining Wall Project

 Construction of Road, Site work & Landscape Project

 Construction of Incubation Center

 Renovation of Student Cafeteria Building

 Construction of Fence work at Gelan

 Maintenance works of 25 Dormitories

 Renovation of ICT Building

Dire Dawa University Motto

‘‘Oasis of Knowledge

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