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Mr. Sintayehu Alemu (MSc)

Information Communication Technology Directorate

Dire-Dawa University Information Communication Technology Directorate was established to support the Core Teaching and Learning Process of the University.

The Information and Communication Technology Directorate of Dire-Dawa University ensure the ICT services delivery to the universities. Dire-Dawa University has recognized the role of ICT as an enabler for the attainment of its goals and strategic and objectives of the Teaching and Learning, Research & Community Services.  

It provides the DDU community with a broad range of ICT services including email, Internet, IP Camera surveillance, eLearning, Website, Stablishing Smart class Room and Video Conference, maintaining ICT equipment, providing training services and manage ICT academies i.e. Cisco, Huawei, Microsoft, Oracle and others.

Achievements of the ICT Directorate Office

·         Tier III Modular Data Center Infrastructure

·         40GB Highly and fully Redundance Campus Wide Intranet ICT Infrastructure

·         Deploying 40GB Throughput Security Device on the Gateway

·         The Fastest Interconnecting and Internet Service throughout the Campus

·         2GB Internet Subscription from ISP

·         Outdoor Wireless Service throughout the Campus

·         Developing relevant applications for the University and Dire Dawa Administration Office. Etc

The Dire-Dawa University ICT Directorate is accountable to the Business and Development V/President and organized into five functional Teams.

1.      ICT Infrastructure & Administration Team

2.      ICT Teaching and Learning Technology teams

3.      Application Development and Administration Team

4.      Technical Support and Maintenance Team

5.      Education and Training Team.

Team-leader under Directorate

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